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Two vigils

Remember on every day after a death, we will meet again at 18:30 in front of the Richelieu Park monument.

The first vigil, 27th July was prevented from happening by a bullying action by the police – ‘good cop’ Patrick in charge of the operation ordered by the prefect Fabienne Buccio, who had forbidden the gathering on the pretext it could cause confrontations with the far right. People who gathered in solidarity were prevented from holding one minute silence in memory of those who died and rudely pushed away by riot cops armed to the teeth with flashballs and gas canisters, one activist was arrested without any reason and charged with rebellion and possession of a weapon, a small pocket knife, that is just good for cutting apples. She spent nearly 24 hours in the police station and is due to appear in court the 18th October. Please come to the tribunal in Boulogne from 9 am to support her.  People decided to turn up again the next day without announcing it. There were people from associations (Auberge des migrants and Secours Catholique), Calais anti-fascists and anti-racists, No Border activists and international volunteers).

We gathered again in the same place the day after, and this time, the turnout was even bigger and the activist who was arrested the day before came to join. The police did not arrive to stop the gathering, though there was some harassment of protesters, and cops taking photos. There were some speeches and a minute of silence. Afterwards, the long list of names of those who died at Calais border was read aloud, and the gathering peacefully dispersed.




Two more deaths at the border

Gathering today 27 July at 18:30 in front of the Richelieu Park monument.
Remember on every day after a death, we will meet again at this hour there
Ressamblement aujourduhi 27 juliet à 18h30 devant le monument du parc Richelieu .
Rappelons ainsi qu’à chaque lendemain de décès , nous pourrons nous retrouver a cette heure à cet endroit


A young Sudanese man named Mubarak Ibrahim was found dead the night between Tuesday and Wednesday near the motorway that goes to the ferry port, hit by an unidentified vehicle.…/calais-mort-d-un-m…

Tadesse Maazu, aka Million, an Ethiopian man of 37 years of age was killed in Calais jungle the night between Monday and Tuesday. He was a nice quiet man who had health problems, suffered from diabetes.He was beaten / stabbed to death in his bed during a fight he had had no part in between Ethiopians of two different ethnic groups (Oromo and Amhara). The police did nothing except throwing gas at the attackers, from a distance. The ambulance did not come and the mortally injured man was taken to the hospital by a volunteer (who is not part of the No Borders network) in his van:  the emergency services left him to die, maybe he could have survived if he got help in time but they are scared to go anywhere near the jungle when there is a fight. The fight originated in another part of the camp: an Oromo man was stabbed and was lying on the ground seriously injured, the others reacted thinking he was dead, and 50 – 60 men carried out an attack on the small camp where the victim was sleeping. Both groups involved in the fight are normally quiet people. The police eventually came in the jungle the day after, very late in the day as they really do not seem to be bothered. They escorted  out of the camp some of the Ethiopians who had been attacked, including some women.
Other two fights, one involving some 200 people, broke up on the same night, for access to the motorway: they are so desperate they are fighting each other. The local newspaper says:
“Two fights broke out between African migrants (Sudanese, Eritreans) and Afghans, says the prefecture. One occurred about 1.15 am and four injured (three lightly and one serious), Ethiopians and Eritreans by stabbing and sticks. The other broke out at 3.55 am wounding two Eritreans. “It’s over a third fight, whose origin is unknown for now, between two Ethiopian communities, the victim was stabbed in a cabin of the” jungle “, says police in Calais”. … “Moreover, thirty flaming roadblocks were reported between 2 am and 6 am on port ring road leading to the ferry terminal and on the A16.”
The situation is very volatile, with many new people arriving every day, up to 100 new people in a day, alcohol is creating problems. they are all crammed in the North side after the destruction of the South side, desperate to get out of that trap that is the ‘new jungle’ or how you want to call it, the place is a former dump and was chosen by cazeneuve to dump people there.
Région > Calais et ses environs > Calais
Calais : un migrant éthiopien meurt poignardé après une rixe dans la « jungle »

New independent population count in Calais ‘jungle’ and urgent request for help

Contrary to what the media circus led many people to believe, Calais jungle is still here and going to host 10.000 people in September, big population increase, all crammed on the North side after the eviction of the South side. The North side is also threatened with eviction, that could start ‘in the next weeks’ according to the Defenseur du Droits.

Support has dropped both in terms of  food, money, and materials and of international volunteers coming. As for activists, there is hardly anyone  at present. Tired to fight the border? Or coming back from Thessaloniki to Calais?  THANK YOU!!!


Via L’auberge des migrants international

Note this is an accurate conservative estimate, and the real numbers are even higher.



July Jungle Census shows a continuous increase in population

In spite of around 100 refugees or more leaving to accommodation centers (CAOs) throughout France every week, and of somewhat sporadic but still existing success crossing the channel, the population of the Jungle is increasing.
Part of this is due to the fact that many refugees arrive from Paris or elsewhere JUST to request a departure in a CAO, because they know departures are much faster from Calais than anywhere else in France. Therefore the ones leaving are not so much refugees living in Calais for a while and abandoning the dream to go to UK.
Every week, a few dozens arrive to try for their dreams, mostly Afghan and Sudanese, also Oromo (Ethiopian), among them, more and more unaccompanied minors.

The préfecture tells us they don’t quite agree with the numbers we came to but they do agree that the population keeps on increasing.
Now the Jules Ferry centre, run by the government, serves 3500 meals a day, their highest number ever. However, as you can see below, the total number of refugees is over 7000. This means that the community kitchens (Ashram kitchen, Belgium Kitchen, Kitchen-in-Calais and l’Auberge/HelpRefugees one), which have not yet so far been closed down by the government (the authorities ‘think’ that refugees coming from hot and often poor countries do not know how to cook and store food without refrigeration but that Europeans do…) are direly needed to serve the hot meals missing, so every refugee can have at least one meal a day. This is even more needed now that restaurants are being closed.
Please help keep all the kitchens by donating whatever you can.
And keep collecting mostly men’s clothes in S and M sizes, as well as all good sport shoes, we desperately need those!

Thanks so much for everything you keep doing for a situation that is not about to be over, regardless of this latest action by the government. It just makes our work more difficult, and more needed, unfortunately.

Clampdown on restaurants and shops

UPDATE: the police have kept coming regularly in the ‘jungle’ ever since,  in ever larger numbers, and full riot gear. A truly intimidating presence – they were not coming to the jungle before normally, or they were sometimes doing patrols  in smaller numbers.


Thursday 21th July 2016, a third mass descent of robocops to clamp down restaurants and shops. ‘Good cop’ Patrick is in charge of this glorious operation consisting in requisitioning food from the refugees, children included – on the first day they snatched all the food from the kids’ restaurants and arrested Sikander who looks after the kids together with 12 shop and restaurant owners, most have been released. 5 more were arrested the day after, always at random apparently: they just took one person per restaurant, some were charged with selling tobacco without a license and some were summoned to appear in court.

IMG_3905People had all their merchandise confiscated, and some have lost all the money they invested. Many had their papers and personal belongings confiscated. So life in the huge shanty town risks becoming severely restricted now, without shops, restaurants, clubs, bakers and barber shops plus showers. These amazing places for social life are now facing closure, the authorities do not want people to try and replicate some normal life in the jungle,  buy cheap cigarettes or enjoy a tasty meal in a restaurant made of pallets and tarp and nicely decorated inside with whatever cheap materials, people have to walk nearly an hour to the nearest supermarket, sun or rain or queue for food but the lines are already very long and without the restaurants people will go hungry.

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The restaurants and shops put a nice front to the horrible ghetto, making it look like a city, almost. As they were open until very late, some all night long, they also provided shelter and security to the people in the camp, there was someone to look out at all times and somewhere to stop when it rains, meet with friends, play cards, charge mobiles (free of charge),  etc.

Another good report of the restaurants clampdown can be found here:

Death of a young man and vigil


The night 20th July a young man who has not yet been named died hit by a lorry.  His body was found in the morning, badly maimed. He is believed to be of African origin. 9 people have died this year at Calais border. 26 last year, that we know of. Anti-racists held a vigil in place d’Armes. Good turn out, around 40 people. No more deaths! Justice for the living! Every time there is a death at the border we shall gather.

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samrawit-940x395 Samrawit, an Eritrean girl aged 17 died the night of Monday 12th   hit by a lorry on the motorway. The teenager had been evicted from Steenvorde (Hazebrouk) on that day and  was part of a group who put some wood on the motorway to stop the traffic. The lorry driver allegedly refused to stop and drove on the side of the small barricade, driving into the group of migrants and killing the young woman. She had a brother in the UK, whom she should have been able to reach legally through the family reunion scheme. More on