Two more deaths at the border

Gathering today 27 July at 18:30 in front of the Richelieu Park monument.
Remember on every day after a death, we will meet again at this hour there
Ressamblement aujourduhi 27 juliet à 18h30 devant le monument du parc Richelieu .
Rappelons ainsi qu’à chaque lendemain de décès , nous pourrons nous retrouver a cette heure à cet endroit


A young Sudanese man named Mubarak Ibrahim was found dead the night between Tuesday and Wednesday near the motorway that goes to the ferry port, hit by an unidentified vehicle.…/calais-mort-d-un-m…

Tadesse Maazu, aka Million, an Ethiopian man of 37 years of age was killed in Calais jungle the night between Monday and Tuesday. He was a nice quiet man who had health problems, suffered from diabetes.He was beaten / stabbed to death in his bed during a fight he had had no part in between Ethiopians of two different ethnic groups (Oromo and Amhara). The police did nothing except throwing gas at the attackers, from a distance. The ambulance did not come and the mortally injured man was taken to the hospital by a volunteer (who is not part of the No Borders network) in his van:  the emergency services left him to die, maybe he could have survived if he got help in time but they are scared to go anywhere near the jungle when there is a fight. The fight originated in another part of the camp: an Oromo man was stabbed and was lying on the ground seriously injured, the others reacted thinking he was dead, and 50 – 60 men carried out an attack on the small camp where the victim was sleeping. Both groups involved in the fight are normally quiet people. The police eventually came in the jungle the day after, very late in the day as they really do not seem to be bothered. They escorted  out of the camp some of the Ethiopians who had been attacked, including some women.
Other two fights, one involving some 200 people, broke up on the same night, for access to the motorway: they are so desperate they are fighting each other. The local newspaper says:
“Two fights broke out between African migrants (Sudanese, Eritreans) and Afghans, says the prefecture. One occurred about 1.15 am and four injured (three lightly and one serious), Ethiopians and Eritreans by stabbing and sticks. The other broke out at 3.55 am wounding two Eritreans. “It’s over a third fight, whose origin is unknown for now, between two Ethiopian communities, the victim was stabbed in a cabin of the” jungle “, says police in Calais”. … “Moreover, thirty flaming roadblocks were reported between 2 am and 6 am on port ring road leading to the ferry terminal and on the A16.”
The situation is very volatile, with many new people arriving every day, up to 100 new people in a day, alcohol is creating problems. they are all crammed in the North side after the destruction of the South side, desperate to get out of that trap that is the ‘new jungle’ or how you want to call it, the place is a former dump and was chosen by cazeneuve to dump people there.
Région > Calais et ses environs > Calais
Calais : un migrant éthiopien meurt poignardé après une rixe dans la « jungle »


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