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The latest balance of the tragedy is 330 dead. Most were from Senegal and Mali. Amongst the victims a new born child – born on the boat – and his young mother, and a 12 years old boy.

According to 9 survivors, now in the ‘accommodation’ centre of Lampedusa, on Saturday in Libya they were forced on 4 dingy boats at gunpoint, 100 people per boat, The sea was very rough, with waves of 8 / 9 meters. Monday afternoon, according to the testimony of the survivors, a dingy capsized in the Channel of Sicily. Another had deflated before, creating panic aboard. Over 200 people were lost at sea this way. On Monday, a third dingy was rescued by the Italian Navy. 76 migrants were saved but 29 others died of cold, 7 before and 22 after the rescue. A fourth dingy is still missing and there are no news, but at this stage there is no hope to find any survivors.

Another immense tragedy caused by Europe’s inhuman immigration policies.

This is the first result of the end of the military / humanitarian operation Mare Nostrum by the Italian Navy, now replaced by the Frontex operation Triton. Mare Nostrum were very efficient in rescuing boats in distress: they saved the lives of over 120.000 people. Triton do not have their resources – their budget is 1/3 of that of Mare Nostrum. Worst still, they do not have the mandate to operate outside Italian territorial waters. In a letter from the 9th of December 2014, Klaus Rösler, director of Operations of Frontex,  attacked the Italian authorities for assigning vessels “into zones outside the operational area of Triton”. This “would not correspond to the operational plan” and not every SOS-call needed to be acted upon, Rösler continued. He points to the responsibility of the Libyan coastguards which, as it is known, do not operate anymore, due to renewed war-like conflicts. In other words, Rösler has unambiguously appealed to let refugees and migrants die at sea.

triton-cace2-1 minori stranieri non accompagnati

Passing ships can still rescue people in international waters, at their own expenses. It is not a crime and it is also endorsed by the code of the sea, which obliges to assist vessels in distress – though ship captains and fishermen in the past have been charged with the crime of aiding illegal immigration. However the absence of patrol boats in international waters delays rescues, causing mass deaths of migrants  and making operations much more dangerous also for the rescuers.

The utterly sad and utterly  shameful spectacle of coffins arriving in Lampedusa has resumed.

How comes they were forced on dinghies at gun point? The route via Libya is favourite again, after accords between Italy and the Egyptian regime to stop migration. Post-Ghaddafi Lybia is in a state of total chaos, with two main warring factions fighting each other. Criminal organizations and unscrupulous smugglers are running the country.

On the conditions on Libya’s immigration detention centres, built by the will of EU and Italy, and financed by them, read the Human Rights Watch report:

(as for the recommendations, the best recommendation would be not to ‘reform’- that is an impossibility, but to shut these infamous prisons for immigrants down)

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Un’altra strage targata UE/ Another massacre by the EU

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Un’altra strage targata UE

Domenica 8 febbraio 2015 la Guardia Costiera di Roma ha ricevuto una prima richiesta di soccorso da parte di un gommone con più di cento persone a bordo, naufragato a poche miglia dalla costa libica in condizioni meteo proibitive. All’arrivo sul posto sul gommone indicato sono stati ritrovati 7 morti per assideramento e durante il trasferimento verso Lampedusa altri 22 persone sono morte assiderate. I superstiti, che sono stati trasferiti al centro di accoglienza di Lampedusa, hanno avvertito la Guardia Costiera spagnola della presenza di altri 3 gommoni, ognuno con circa 100 persone a bordo. Hanno dichiarato, inoltre, di essere stati costretti con le armi a intraprendere il viaggio. Si stima che i morti assiderati e i dispersi siano 231 secondo i dati ufficiali, ma potrebbero essere più di 300. Una grande anomalia salta all’occhio: per quale motivo 400 persone vengono a forza costrette a imbarcarsi sui dei gommoni per affrontare il viaggio in condizioni avverse (si parla di onde di 9 metri e mare forza 7)?

Proprio come per il 3 Ottobre 2013, queste stragi forniscono il pretesto per riproporre le stesse retoriche ipocrite e ridondanti: la necessità di maggiori investimenti militari per il controllo delle frontiere e per le politiche sicuritarie, l’inadeguatezza delle operazioni militari in atto, l’accelerazione del processo di delocalizzazione delle politiche di controllo delle frontiere nei paesi di partenza e dunque il rilancio di nuove politiche interventiste in queste aree.

Ancora una volta respingiamo fortemente queste narrazioni che omettono deliberatamente un’analisi delle cause che spingono queste persone a partire.
Rifiutiamo le lacrime di coccodrillo di quegli attori internazionali (UE, NATO…) che sono i principali responsabili della destabilizzazione di interi territori e, di conseguenza, della morte di chi è costretto a fuggire in clandestinità.
Dietro le politiche migratorie si nascondo le solite ambizioni neo-colonialiste e imperialiste, spinte dagli interessi economici dell’industria bellica.

Ribadiamo la necessità di smascherare le vere cause che provocano le migrazioni.
La libertà di circolazione per tutti e la fine di ogni tipo di ingerenza sono l’unica strada per evitare simili stragi in futuro.

Collettivo Askavusa
lampedusa, 12 Febbraio 2015

Francesca Del Volgo:
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Another massacre by EU

On Sunday, February 8th 2015, the Italian Coast Guard recieved a first distress call from a rubber boat with about 100 perople aboard, shipwrecked a few miles away the Libyan coast in extreme wather conditions. At they arrival, the Coast Guard found 7 people frozen to death, while 22 more people died during the transfer to Lampedusa. The survivors have been transferred to the Lampedusa reception centre. They informed the Coast Guard of the presence of 3 more rubber boats, carrying about 100 people each. Moreover, they declared they had been forced with weapons to leave from Libya. According to offical data, there would be 231 people dead or missing, but they could actually be more than 300. There is a big anomaly in this reconstruction: why 400 people should be forced to leave in such terrible weather conditions?

Just like after the shipwreck of October 3rd 2013, these disasters are just the excuse to reaffirm the usual deceiver and redundant rhetorics: the necessity to increase the military investments for the borders patrolling and for security policies; the inappropriateness of the existing military operations; the acceleration of the process of outsourcing of the policies of border patrol in the home countries and thus the relaunch of new interventionist policies in those territories.

We strongly reject these kind of narrations that deliberately omit an analisys of the causes pushing these people to leave their home countries.
We refuse the crocodile tears of those international actors (EU, NATO…) who are responsible of the destabilization of whole territories and, as a consequence, of the death of those who are forced to depart illegally.
Behind the migration policies there are neo-colonialist and imperialist ambitions, driven by the economical interests of the arms industry.

We reaffirm the necessity of revealing the real causes lying behind migrations.
The freedom of movement for everybody and the end of any kind of interference are the only way to avoid such slaughters in the future.

Collettivo Askavusa
Lampedusa, February 12th 2015

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Une autre tragédie avec la matricule de l’UE

Dimanche 8 février 2015, les gardes-côtes de Rome ont reçu un premier appel au secours d’une centaine de personnes, à bord d’une embarcation en difficulté à quelques miles des côtes libyennes. Sur place, 7 personnes ont été retrouvées mortes de froid et lors du transfert vers l’île de Lampedusa, 22 autres personnes ont perdu la vie. Les survivants ont été conduits au centre d’accueil de Lampedusa et ont averti les gardes-côtes de la présence de trois autres embarcations, avec plus de cent personnes à bord de chacune d’elles. Les survivants ont par ailleurs déclaré avoir été contraints, par les armes, à entreprendre le voyage. Les chiffres officiels estiment que 231 personnes sont mortes de froid ou disparues, mais elles pourraient être plus de 300. Une anomalie saute aux yeux: pour quelles raisons 400 personnes seraient contraintes à embarquer sur des bateaux de misère pour affronter une traversée dans des conditions aussi périlleuses (l’on parle de vagues de 9 mètres et d’une mer force 7) ?

Tout comme le 3 octobre 2013, ces drames fournissent un prétexte à la formulation de rhétoriques hypocrites et redondantes: la nécéssité d’un plus grand engagement militaire pour le contrôle des frontières et en faveur de politiques sécuritaires; l’inadéquation des opérations militaires en cours; l’accèleration du processus de délocalisation du contrôle des frontières dans les pays de départ; et donc le lancement de nouvelles politiques interventionnistes dans ces régions.

De nouveau, nous rejetons avec force ces narrations qui omettent délibérément d’analyser les causes qui poussent ces personnes à partir.

Nous refusons les larmes de crocodile des acteurs internationaux (UE, ONU, OTAN…) qui sont les principaux responables de la déstabilisation de territoires entiers, et par conséquent, de la mort de celles et ceux qui sont contraint-e-s de fuir dans la clandestinité.

Derrière les politiques migratoires se cachent les habituelles ambitions néo-colonialistes et impérialistes, motivées par les intérêts économiques de l’industrie belliqueuse.

Nous réaffirmons la nécessité de démasquer les causes réelles qui déterminent ces migrations. La liberté de circulation pour tou-te-s et la fin de tout type d’ingérence constituent la seule voie à suivre pour éviter des drames similaires dans le futur.

Collettivo Askavusa,

Lampedusa, 12 février 2015

Francesca Del Volgo:
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