New independent population count in Calais ‘jungle’ and urgent request for help

Contrary to what the media circus led many people to believe, Calais jungle is still here and going to host 10.000 people in September, big population increase, all crammed on the North side after the eviction of the South side. The North side is also threatened with eviction, that could start ‘in the next weeks’ according to the Defenseur du Droits.

Support has dropped both in terms of  food, money, and materials and of international volunteers coming. As for activists, there is hardly anyone  at present. Tired to fight the border? Or coming back from Thessaloniki to Calais?  THANK YOU!!!


Via L’auberge des migrants international

Note this is an accurate conservative estimate, and the real numbers are even higher.



July Jungle Census shows a continuous increase in population

In spite of around 100 refugees or more leaving to accommodation centers (CAOs) throughout France every week, and of somewhat sporadic but still existing success crossing the channel, the population of the Jungle is increasing.
Part of this is due to the fact that many refugees arrive from Paris or elsewhere JUST to request a departure in a CAO, because they know departures are much faster from Calais than anywhere else in France. Therefore the ones leaving are not so much refugees living in Calais for a while and abandoning the dream to go to UK.
Every week, a few dozens arrive to try for their dreams, mostly Afghan and Sudanese, also Oromo (Ethiopian), among them, more and more unaccompanied minors.

The préfecture tells us they don’t quite agree with the numbers we came to but they do agree that the population keeps on increasing.
Now the Jules Ferry centre, run by the government, serves 3500 meals a day, their highest number ever. However, as you can see below, the total number of refugees is over 7000. This means that the community kitchens (Ashram kitchen, Belgium Kitchen, Kitchen-in-Calais and l’Auberge/HelpRefugees one), which have not yet so far been closed down by the government (the authorities ‘think’ that refugees coming from hot and often poor countries do not know how to cook and store food without refrigeration but that Europeans do…) are direly needed to serve the hot meals missing, so every refugee can have at least one meal a day. This is even more needed now that restaurants are being closed.
Please help keep all the kitchens by donating whatever you can.
And keep collecting mostly men’s clothes in S and M sizes, as well as all good sport shoes, we desperately need those!

Thanks so much for everything you keep doing for a situation that is not about to be over, regardless of this latest action by the government. It just makes our work more difficult, and more needed, unfortunately.



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