Two vigils

Remember on every day after a death, we will meet again at 18:30 in front of the Richelieu Park monument.

The first vigil, 27th July was prevented from happening by a bullying action by the police – ‘good cop’ Patrick in charge of the operation ordered by the prefect Fabienne Buccio, who had forbidden the gathering on the pretext it could cause confrontations with the far right. People who gathered in solidarity were prevented from holding one minute silence in memory of those who died and rudely pushed away by riot cops armed to the teeth with flashballs and gas canisters, one activist was arrested without any reason and charged with rebellion and possession of a weapon, a small pocket knife, that is just good for cutting apples. She spent nearly 24 hours in the police station and is due to appear in court the 18th October. Please come to the tribunal in Boulogne from 9 am to support her.  People decided to turn up again the next day without announcing it. There were people from associations (Auberge des migrants and Secours Catholique), Calais anti-fascists and anti-racists, No Border activists and international volunteers).

We gathered again in the same place the day after, and this time, the turnout was even bigger and the activist who was arrested the day before came to join. The police did not arrive to stop the gathering, though there was some harassment of protesters, and cops taking photos. There were some speeches and a minute of silence. Afterwards, the long list of names of those who died at Calais border was read aloud, and the gathering peacefully dispersed.





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