Refugees Welcome Here demonstration in London, 17th September 2016


Over 20.000 people estimated to attend. Lively demonstration, with Syrian and Afghan refugees at the front. Calais came second row, as volunteers and activists brought banners made by children living in Calais camp.

The march went from Marble Arch (Park Lane) to Parlaiment passing Trafalgar Square and Downing Street. There was a rally in Parlarliament Square. The politicians’ speeches were boring, quite frankly, none of them seemed to have much to say – except, of course, Lord Dubbs, and he kept his speech very short and to the point. THIS was another interesting speech (the boy is saying he is very lucky to be here and thank you everybody for welcoming him and his family, but many others are not so lucky and they are still dying or languishing in refugee camps):At the end of the rally there was a skype connection with Calais, direct from the ‘jungle’, and a Calais activist got to announce the 1st October demonstration from the stage –  asking people to support and add the name of their organisations. Leaflets of the demo in Calais were distributed during the march and rally.



Direct from Calais ‘jungle’ / courtesy of Calais Refugee Info Bus

A few problems with security, behaving in quite authoritarian manner – it is rumored they hired private security. It ended with Syrian musicians playing freedom songs and traditional music on stage, and people dancing in the green in front of Parliament. Good day altogether, good to see so many people in UK supporting refugees and other migrants!

-A short film will follow, ASAP-

All photos are nicked from other activists and volunteers, many thanks to Solidarity with Refugees, Daniela Garcia, Refugee Info Bus



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