Blockade of the A16 announced for the 5th September until the destruction of the ‘jungle’/ cazeneuve to visit Calais again/ ‘New’ accords UK/ France

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cazeneuve says they will”gradually” dismantle the camp. We saw what happened during the destruction of the South side, police firing gas and burning buildings  indiscriminately, whilst bulldozers wrecked people’s homes; and police fire rubber bullets and gas greandes directly into the crowd on the motorway, causing an awful lot of horrendous and potentially life-threatening injuries. They are sending 200 more pigs to aid the”battle against the migrants”. Belligerent language to appease the fascists.

New accords UK – France between Theresa May and the French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve: nothing to change, despite words of ‘improving the situation’ : France to keep guarding the border for the UK and the Toquet accords to stay in place (by virtue of which the UK border is in France)

Cazeneuve to visit Calais this Friday – The mayor of Calais Natacha Bouchart is demanding that Cazeneuve orders the destruction of the ‘jungle’ . Cazeneuve is expected to negotiate with  locals, lorry drivers etc. who are threatening strong action.

Lorry drivers and farmers announce ‘unlimited’ blockade of the A16 on Monday 5th September until the destruction of the ‘jungle’. Action called by the National Federation of Ports and Docks of the Port of Calais (apparently affiliated to the CGT, Confederation General du Travail – the poster, below, looks a bit crap, but it is all we got). Lorry drivers and farmers organize a ‘snail action’ (it means slowing down the traffic) followed by a blockade (meaning bringing traffic to a stanstill) of the A16 motorway around Calais on September the 5th. They are threatening to continue their action until the eviction of the North zone of the ‘jungle’ is announced. Drivers and farmers have set two meeting points at 7am Monday, September 5th:

– On the cargo area of Craywick in Loon-Plage

– The Auchan shopping center in Saint-Martin-Boulogne.

All will converge in a snail operation on the A16 towards Calais. Traffic promises to be very difficult in either side of the port city.

The “Grand Rally for Calais” gives an appointment to the citizens and traders at 9:00 am on the same day at the stage of the Epopèe. The protesters intend to form a human chain up the Port of Calais.  – some are even calling for the ‘eradication of No Borders’.

Anti-racists call for counter-demonstration on the same day. Associations are writing a letter condemning any forced displacement of refugees who are already in dire conditions, and decent solutions for their accommodation.

Note all demonstation in Calais have been forbidden since months in virtue of the state of emergency.

The government has appealed against the decision of Lille tribunal to stop the eviction of restaurants and shops in the ‘jungle’.

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