New report on police violence

Read the full report here:

The report is based on evidence collected in March. We welcome the report and would like another one, though pessimistic the police will follow any recommendations.

To our knowledge police violence has gone up since, appallingly, especially when people go to try to get on the motorway or Eurostar: it is common practice for the police to move them by spraying them in the eyes, women and children included, and hitting them with truncheons but punitive beatings of people who have been caught are also commonplace.

Particularly worrying is that the police are firing gas grenades and rubber bullets directly at people including underage boys: a 17 years old from Afghanistan was shot in the head and taken to Lille hospital in serious condition, and an Eritrean boy had his eye socket blown off; plus many other horrendous facial injuries, plus injuries to arms, torso, limbs. Two volunteers (other than the volunteer mentioned in this report) were shot at, one hit on the shoulder. It is also commonplace for the police to hit people including women and minors on the head with truncheons, and many have broken fingers and sprained wrists. One man had an arm broken in several pieces and had to undergo an operation, he is still numb and cannot move some of his fingers; it is not clear in his case if it was the police or a paramilitary militia, probably police. Others had broken legs and dislocated ankles as a result of their encounters with police, but there have been at least 5 recent fascist attacks that we know of, they do not behave very differently.

The photos come from an independent medic who was working in the ‘jungle’



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