Deportations from Greece to Turkey

The mass deportation scheduled for Wednesday 6th April did not happen, after most refugees on the Greek islands asked for asylum in Greece.  However, people can be deported if their applications are refused. Deportations have resumed, see link below.

8th April: Deportations from Greece to Turkey restart with 140 mostly Syrian and Pakistani people, taken on 2 ships in the early hours of the morning from the Greek islands to the Turkish coast. 3 activists jump into the sea, trying to prevent the ship from sailing to Turkey, but are quickly arrested. More people keep arriving than people were deported. Good summary here:

No human right organization has access to the refugees, HRW complains, leading to all sorts of possible abuses and illegal deportations.

Medicins Sans Frontieres, the UNHR, Save the Children and all NGOs and human rights organizations have refused to work in the new detention centres on the Greek islands they consider illegal. 

This video shows what happens to refugees deported back to Turkey

Activists swim in front of boat to try stop deportations
There has been one suicide of a man deported back to Turkey,  from Pakistan, and three suicide attempts that we know of, one in Turkey and two in Greece, Lesvos. More protests inside the new detention centres on the Greek islands.
Amnesty International condemns the conditions in the Greek detention centres:



Deportation from Chios to Turkey

202 people were deported on Monday they 4th April 2016, with one Frontex guard per deportee. No wonder there was no rebellion. All were deported from Lesvos and Chios. 

From Lesbos 136 people were returned: 135 men and one woman of the following nationalities: 124 from Pakistan, 3 from Bangladesh, 1 from Iraq, 2 from India, 4 from Sri Lanka and 2 from Syria-the latter was asked to return.
From Chios  66 people were returned: 56 men and 10 women of the following nationalities: 42 from Afghanistan, 10 from Iran, 6 from Pakistan, 1 from India, 1 from Somalia, 1 from Côte d’Ivoire and 5 from the Congo.
There have been protests on both islands.
13 apparently were asylum seekers deported ‘by mistake’ or because they did not get a chance to ask for asylum in Greece.

All those arriving in Greece after the 20th March are liable to be deported unless they ask for asylum in Greece. All bar a few have asked for asylum in Greece. Those who are refused can be deported. The rate of refusals in Greece is very high and the asylum system is in total disarray, to the point the ECHR have pronounced against deportations to Greece from other EU countries.

But many people find it very difficult to even access the offices where asylum applications are received, sometimes the queue for days sleeping outside the offices. There are not enough staff to look at the claims leading to unacceptable delays and arbitrary refusals.

The deal was signed on the 19th March. The EU is giving Erdogan 3 billion euros to police the external border of Europe. On the same day there were thousands of people demonstrating for refugees rights in many European cities under the banner

Refugees Welcome. On the 20th they started moving refugees from the islands to the mainland and detaining all the newly arrived. Medicins Sans Frontieres, the UNHCR and all other NGOs and human rights organizations refused to collaborate with these detentions they consider illegal. So nobody has access to the detention centres except the police. In Lesvos, Moria camp has been transformed in a prison (hot spot) but many people sleep outside because there is no room. The autonomous camp Pikpa is threatened with closure, volunteers are campaigning to keep it open. People continue to arrive, and rescue operation continue. In Chios, between 500 and 800 people escaped from detention and occupied the port where they staged a protest just before the beginning of the deportations.
For every Syrian deported back to Turkey, the EU will take one Syrian from outside Europe, but the number is capped at 72.000 (for the whole of the EU). After they will take no more Syrians. The hypocrites are saying it is a humanitarian attempt to curb the deadly journeys through the Aegean. Ferries like the ones used to deport people back to Turkey cost 10 euros from Turkey to Lesvos, if people could buy a ticket.
It is not clear what the reception is for those deported from Greece to Turkey, and what safeguards are in place, if any. People should not be deported from Turkey back to their countries according to the EU-Turkey accords, and they should be put into nice reception centres (dunno if the irony is evident).
Syrians have been stopped at the Turkish -Syrian border and sent back.
16 people have been shot dead by Turkish border guards including 3 children, all Syrians. The information comes from the organization Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The real number of people shot, killed or injured may be higher.
The Turkish coast guard have been filmed attacking and trying to sink refugees boats on at least three separate occasions.
It has emerged that Turkey has deported thousands of Syrians back to Syria, rounding up 100 per day since January, deporting children without their parents and a 8 months pregnant woman. The information comes from Turkish human right organizations and has been diffused by Amnesty International. Dozens of Afghans have been deported back to Afghanistan.
Detention centres in Turkey are appalling, all sorts of human rights abuses are said to be happening there and people can only get out by signing their own deportation papers.
There are over 2 million refugees in Turkey.
Greece has been turned into another concentration camp for refugees. There are 800.000 refugees stranded there, over 12.000 at Idomeni on the Greek-Macedonian border. surviving in appalling conditions. Macedonian and Greek police have used appalling violence against refugees trying to break through the border, gas and batons are used also against children and women. The Northern countries have closed their borders and the Balkan Route is closed. 
People keep arriving in Greece despite.
Record numbers of people are arriving in Italy from Libya, over 16.000 this year.
Total numbers of people crossing this year are 20.700
Over 700 people have died this year in the Mediterranean, that we know of. There is no count of people who died large of the Libyan coast.

Arrivals by sea and deaths in the Mediterranean

1 Jan – 4 April 2016

1 Jan – 30 April 2015








366 (Eastern Med route)


31 (Eastern Med Route)



269 (Jan-Dec 2015)



343  (Central Med route)


1,687 (Central Med route)



5 (Western Med and Western African routes)

3,845 (Jan-Dec 2015)

15 ((Western Med and Western African routes)

Estimated Total





In today’s news: 
Videos of the deportation to Turkey:
Some of the comments are terrible and some viewers may experience vomiting, but the images are very interesting
Videos from clashes at Idomeni:
There are many more such videos old and new, yet nobody gives a shit.
An attempt to walk through Macedonia by crossing river ended up with lots of violence from Macedonia police, lots of gas and lots of arrests, and people were pushed back to Greece. Three Afghans drowned in the river,  a pregnant woman and her 17 years old sister and a cousin.



The “2016 NoBorder Camp” website is up and running!


Highway Blockade at Austrian-Italian Border Highlights EU Refugee Crisis
see more…/

Video via globaltvproject



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