Mass arrests and illegal deportations to other parts of France, families separated

In Calais things are turning nastier and nastier since the visit of Interior minister cazeneuve . Dispersal flights now leave pretty much daily from Marck airport, and France looks more and more like the Nazis, although it has a ‘socialist’ government. Adults are being separated from minors, brothers from sisters, fathers from their children and wives, leaving the most vulnerable even more exposed to danger.
Mass dispersal to other Detention Centres (Translation of article)
French speakers can read a longer article here:
It started the night before the coming of the Interior Minister in Calais, dispersals to detention centers all over France, but now is continuing on an almost daily basis . Around fifty people a day are being flown from Marck airfield, near Calais.
Wednesday, October 21, 46 people in Nîmes
Thursday, October 22, 50 people in Mesnil-Amelot, near Paris
Friday, October 23, 50 people in Toulouse – Cornebarrieu
Sunday, October 25, 47 people in Metz
Monday, October 26, 50 people in Marseille
Tuesday, October 27, 50 people in Nîmes, again
The pattern does not seem to stop.
What happens next is not yet clear. Those in detention have 48 hours to enter the administrative court, the hearing takes place in the following days. On the 5th date of detention, the Judge of Liberties and Detention decides on the extension of detention for an additional 20 days. (On day 25 of detention, the Judge can make another extension of 20 days, the maximum duration of detention is of 45 days).
So there is something important that is played legally in the first five days, and has so far only played out in Nîmes (arrivals Wednesday) and Le Mesnil-Amelot (Thursday). And things happened in very different ways in these two places.
At Mesnil Amelot, 15 people were released by a judge’s decision, 33 people were released because the prefect of Pas-de-Calais has not requested an extension of the detention across five days (but then why were they deatained?), but the prefect asked for the continued detention of two Sudanese (Why them?). They must see the Judge of Liberties and Detention today (27th October) – there hasn’t been a judgement yet. So this morning 48 people had been released, and the fate of two others was uncertain.
In Nîmes, the opposite is true, Judge of Liberties and Detention issued an order releasing 37 people, and the prosecutor appealed. The judgement of the appeal reversed the decision and the people were held in custody.
So release after five days in Mesnil-Amelot and appeal from a judgment to keep people in detention in Nimes.
The game is to scare the idea might be to release in detention places to send other people there but still keep some people in detention for as lead to evictions.
The game is to scare, the idea being to release spaces in detention, so they can send other people there, but to still keep some people in detention to continue the process for deportation. Uncertainty causes fear, fear of being locked up in detention, fear of being deported.
Those released have only one idea: to return to Calais from France.

A child is looking for his dad, taken away in a police raid

English translation: A man knocks at the door of the association’s office who do legal support in a detention centre, somewhere in France. He is not coming for himself . He tells (*) :

“I was arrested in Calais in a truck. The police took the adults to the police station and left the children. I was separated from my younger brother. He is 12 years old, he does not know anyone in the “jungle”, he has no phone, I’m worried about him. Can you do something? ”

The associations in Calais regularly receive such messages, transmitted by associations dealing with the legal support in detention centers across France, to which are dispersed the exiles arrested in Calais. The police separate adults from those who appear to be minors, boarded the first and second release them not to bother with the procedures. And young people are alone.

These messages become multiply with daily raids since the visit of the Interior Minister in Calais last week (see here, here, here, here, here and here).

“I was separated from my little sister. She is fifteen. I am very worried knowing she is alone in the “jungle”. ”

“My wife and my four year old son live in such a place in the” jungle “. I would like to hear from them, and let them know that I’m fine and that I will soon return. ”

Many of his exiles have already experienced confinement, sometimes for several weeks or months, at other times in their journeys.

(*) This note is based on real situations, but personal details have been removed or altered. This does indeed not put the lives of people on the internet, but to understand a situation.



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