Over 7000 rescued in the Mediterranean since Friday, 11 dead.

Over 7,000 migrants rescued off Italy since Friday, EU says …


The Italian coastguard  – who probably had made a really great job to coordinate partly about 20 rescue operations at the same time! – have not been interested to give quick informations (as done earlier in such cases). We think that the authorities are afraid, that more actors (solidarity-groups and journalists) jump in and “control the controllers”, when they have to rescue.

That is exactly the mission of our Alarmphone project: to intervene in real time and in direct contact with the boat people. And insofar we experienced two amazing challenging but finally really successful days for our transnational shift teams and our whole project.

And as stated in the report below:
“This sudden rise in sea crossings in the Central Mediterranean Sea is only an indication of what might be to come in 2015. With the increasing closure of safe travel paths toward European territories, sea crossings will not abate and many more will unnecessarily risk their lives. We demand the immediate opening of legal and safe paths toward Europe!”




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