Deaths in the Mediterranean

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3rd October was the date of commemoration of the shipwreck in which 368 Eritrean exiles died, including women, children and a new born baby still attached to the umbilical cord. The day should be a day of struggle not only of remembering, to stop the deaths and for better hospitality for those who arrive.


The 11th October there was another shipwreck that is not being remembered, where 265 people died including many children, from Syria and sub-Saharian Africa.
Here a link in English:

Numbers sometimes speak louder than words.

There are 51.2 millions displaced persons, more than there were at the end of the Second World War.

There were 16.7 millions refugees worldwide at the end of 2013. 50% were under 18.

40.000 refugees and other migrants have died worldwide since 2000, trying to reach safety. (numbers by IOM).

Over 23.000 refugees and other migrants have died trying to reach Europe.

The year 2014 is the year in which more deaths have been registerd, 4077 deaths worldwide of which 3072 in the Mediterranean (IOM) without counting 250 people who are feared dead in two recent shipwrecks large of Libya, some dozens bodies have been recuperated and is uncertain how many are dispesed. These numbers are going up, continuosly.

Some 500 migrants have died after their boat sank in the Mediterranean after it had left Egypt on the 6th of September 2014. it is the biggest single tragedy of this kind ever. There are only eleven survivors. According to the survivors, the boat was purposedly rammed and sank by smugglers when the passengers refused to move to a smaller boat. Most of the victims were from Syria and from Gaza.

The militay-humanitarian operation Mare Nostrum, operation of the Italian Navy, was launched to prevent tragedies like the 3rd October, and has rescued 130.000 people in one year – and arrested 600 presumed smugglers. Mare Nostrum is about to be terminated and be replaced by Frontex. It is feard that with Frontex there will be more deaths in the Mediterranean and more push-backs.

link in English and deaths in the Mediterranean:

Afghanistan produces more refugees than any other country in the world, about a quarter of the total for the past 33 years. The Middle East is on fire. Libya, once the watchdog of Europe in their war against immigrants, has been destabilized by Western intervention: post-Ghaddafi Libya is now in a state of civil war, smugglers and gangs are stronger than ever and the country can no longer control its ports, resulting in a record number of arrivals in Italy – and a record number of deaths. The war in Syria has made over 3 million refugees. More refugees are pouring out of Iraq and Syria, fearing being massacred by ISIS or blown to pieces by US and NATO bombs. Eritrea is under a brutal dictatorship. Young men and women escape by the thousands to avoid military service that is compulsory and may result in being sent to the frontline. Darfuri are escaping genocide and more people are escaping from Southern Sudan and the Nuba Mountains. They have no choice: since all legal routes of travelling have been closed to them and borders militarized they must risk their lives to save their lives, and suffer extreme danger, violence and harm during their journeys. Most women who arrive pregnant ot with young babies are pregnant because they get raped, either by smugglers, border police, or prison guards if they end up in the detention camps in Libya. Or because they are forced to pay for their journeys through sexual services.
The same countries who impoverish and destabilize the rest of the world for their own economic gains and political ends are also waging a war against the people who are forced to escape to seek refuge and to rebuild their lives. It is the other face of the medal of imperalism and colonial exploitation. Deaths at the borders, detention, deportations are the price imposed on innocent men, women and children to supposedly ‘secure’ the borders.
From several quarters there are calls to open humanitarian corridors to let the refugees of war into Europe. The term humanitarian corridors means diplomatic and legal procedures to have visas issued and travel to Europe legally and safely. All European countries except the Vatican are resisting these demands.


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